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Halloween Fun in Grange

We were all so busy in Grange during Halloween week. Children from Junior Infants to Sixth class got involved in a host of spooky themed activities. Here is a small taste of the fun we had coming up to our mid term break. We can see Junior and Senior infants on their Halloween walk, 4th and 5th with their very impressive masks, 2nd with their ” Witch” song and the whole school led by Mr O Toole doing the “Monster Mash”.

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Letter and Photo from Mr. Joe Schmidt to Mark McDermott

I wrote a story about Ireland  playing in the World Cup Final. They were loosing by 3 trys and 3 conversions to our arch rivals England. Sean O’ Brien became injured whilst playing and I (Mark McDermott) was sent on by Joe to take Sean’s place on the Irish team.

I scored the 3 trys needed to bring us up near to the English, whilst Johnny Sexton converted them. It was the last minute and the teams were both level- just then England turned us over and we got a free. Johnny put it over the bar-winning the game for Ireland, with them taking the world cup title.

This story was given to Joe personally by my mum with him taking the time to read it. So….yesterday I received a parcel in our post box. I opened it up and on the back it had…JOE SCHMIDT on it!!! Inside was a personal letter from Mr. Schmidt telling me how fantastic my story was and my ability to write creatively. He advised me to keep playing rugby and that one day I could be wearing the Irish kit for our country. He enclosed a picture of the Irish team winning the RBS 6 Nations too. Thank you so much Joe for taking the time to write to me and send me such a thoughtful gift. Good luck in the World Cup- someday I might be on the team for real 🙂

Volcano Experiment

Today we did a volcano experiment in 4th and 5th class.

How we made it:

1. Put baking powder, water, washing up liquid, yellow and red food colouring  into a jar.

2. Go outside and dig a hole, put a bottle in the hole.

3. Build up a wall around the bottle.

4. Put the mixture from the jar into the bottle.

5. THEN…….add vinegar.


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Take a look the the videos of us carrying out our experiments here

Video 1

Video 2