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Summer Art work by 5th and 6th

This Summer the children have written a list of activities they would like to do or places they they would like to visit, making their very own ‘Summer Bucket List’. From the looks of it they will be very busy. The children in 6th class also reminisced on all the memories that they had of their time in Grange N.S and made kits to as part of their Graduation art. Take a look at their great work!

My Future Dreams

Katie from 4th class was given the task of writing a poem to her future self. It was a difficult ask, but I am sure you will agree that the finished product is fantastic.

Not only does Katie’s poem rhyme and include lots of insightful thoughts, but it also makes us all wonder what out life will be like in the future. What changes will we see in the see in the world around us and in ourselves? Have a read of her excellent piece below. Well done Katie!!

Dear future self.It is the 14/4/2015.

Hopefully you are a pharmacist .To help people with any problems arm, leg or wrist.

Right now I’m 10 so I can not drive a car .So lets hope the instructor did not push you too far.

Even if your not a pharmacist an endocrinologist would do.

But I know you have experience at that job too.

Right now I am in a classroom with Ms.Maloney who teaches us all.

By now you should have a husband who is intelligent and tall.

Amber and Haley are your pride and joy ,I am so happy I did not have a naughty boy.

You live in a mansion in the countryside .You have lots of fields for your ponies to stride.

My artistry is easily sold .But unfortunately not for piles of gold.

My school friends are still in contact with me .

Sometimes I invite them over for tea.

I hope you still do poetry ,it is a great thing to do.

I hope you still bake because I liked that too.

Remember the dairy free diet you were on ,hopefully that’s still long gone.

I hope you have dogs because they were the best.

Dogs were better pets than all the rest.

When I read this poem in 30 years time , I will remember how I used to rhyme.

When I read this I will smile and beam,

but everyone being happy and healthy is my future dream.

By: Katie Morris: 4th class

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