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2nd Class Baking

2nd Class enjoyed a baking activity recently.

In English they wrote the recipe, created a list of ingredients they would be using and then launched into creating the edible treats!

Some tasty dentures were the final product!

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“The Celts” by 6th Class

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6th class have been learning about “The Celts” in history recently.

The class were split into four groups and were given the challenge to create a model of a Celtic Roundhouse or Crannóg.

As you can see from the pictures, all the students produced fantastic projects. The winning team got sweets and homework passes!

Well done to all!

Carlow Local History Competition

Some of the children in 5th and 6th class recently entered the Carlow Local History Competition. They had to research, write and design a project based on a piece of history about their local area or a person of interest. All the children produced excellent projects and their teacher Ms. Mc Closkey was very proud of the high standard in the class. There was one winner, Sophie Byrne who came 3rd and received a cash prize of 25euros. Well done Sophie and to all who entered!

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We were very lucky here in St. Kevin’s. Late last year, in November, we received 8 chicken eggs in an incubator. We eagerly watched and waited for days to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet. Eventually we were pleasantly surprised to see seven out of our eight eggs hatch. They remained in the incubator until they were nice and fluffy and ready to be transferred into the coop. All the children looked after them for nearly two weeks and were so kind and gentle. Some of their names were Fuzzy Wuzzy and Chicken Nugget.

When the chicks were ready, one of our own SNAs Ann Marie, took them home to her farm to mind them and document them for us!Downloads7Downloads6

Ancient Egypt

2nd and 3rd class have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. They did some creative writing and used hieroglyphs to really imagine what it was like to be an Egyptian. They learned all about Tutankhamen and the pyramids and did a fact file on them.

Check out these websites for more info on Ancient Egypt and some cool games

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Take a look at a sample of their great  work below