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County Fact Files by 2nd and 3rd Class

Ms. McGeeney’s class prepared fact files all about the counties around Ireland. From the North to the South the children created excellent pieces of work which included county colours, facts and more. Take a look at their work..

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Its all about Teamwork in 2nd and 3rd

The boys and girls in 2nd and 3rd class had “the best day ever” today. They played lots of games which involved team work, respect and kindness. They took a break from the books and headed outside to try and solve the human knot in their teams along with lots more fun games.

They chatted about ways that children can show respect to one another and examined how important language, and the tone of someone’s words can be. We all love to receive compliments and praise about all the good things we do and Ms. McGeeney’s class have been spreading the friendship bug all around the school and playground!

Take a look at all the fun below…

Minecraft Project

What is your name and class?

My name is Shane. I am in 2nd class.

What did you get up to recently?

I recently made a  project about Minecraft.

What did you enjoy/find hard about doing your project?

I enjoyed my project because Minecraft is my favourite game to play. I liked making the playdough models. I found the cutting out difficult.

What did you learn?

I did not know the rules or where the name came from so I learned then and how to research them.

Where can we find out more information about Minecraft?

 You can look up Minecraft Wiki or you can look up Wikipedia. Youtube is a great place to go when wanting information about Minecraft. I would recommend  Keralis or Mumbo Jumbo.

Take a look at the picture of my hard work below….

Shane's Project
Shane’s ProjecIMG_0071 IMG_0084